shiatsu and tango

Tango events and camps are a feast for the body and emotions.  Shiatsu is a unique form of massage, which brings together body, mind, spirit and emotions through dynamic, gentle touch.

Shiatsu prepares the ground for people to be more relaxed and receptive to the learning process.  It can specifically pick up on something that is coming up in a private lesson or workshop or in people's dance - a blockage of energy, or disconnection of part of the body.  During an intensive period of tango dancing and workshops, knees and ankles get heavy use with lots of spiral movement. 

The dance focus is on balance, posture, being grounded, sensitivity to other people's energy, non verbal communication, connecting with your own centre and from there with your partner.  Shiatsu supports and nurtures the process. Tango and Shiatsu are complimentary in that they are both working with moving energy.  People arrive on the mat well prepared for shiatsu - tuned into their own and others' energy.  

In a shiatsu session each treatment is tailored to the recipient and their individual needs.  People bring their emotional and physical aches and pains and return to the dance with a sense of renewal and re-balancing.