what to expect in a session

Shiatsu is generally given on a futon mat on the floor.  If lying at floor level is difficult, it can also be given on a treatment table or in a sitting position.

In your first session the practitioner will spend some time taking a full history, and will ask questions aimed at understanding your constitutional type and any current imbalances.  Each subsequent session lasts about an hour. 

what do I need to wear?

You remain fully clothed throughout the session and need to wear loose fitting/stretchy comfortable clothes.

what to expect after treatment

Immediately after a session people can feel anything from extremely relaxed to very energised depending on their initial state.  It has been said that the treatment continues for 3 - 5 days following on from a shiatsu session, as the aim is to assist the body's natural healing process by encouraging the client's energy to move into a more balanced state.